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Saints With Slingshots 2:

MORE Daily Devotions for the Slightly Tarnished But Perpetually Forgiven Christian

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Then I Am Stong: Moving From

My Mother's Daughter to God's Child

This book is for any readers who have experienced challenges and disappointments in their

lives and want to be counted as survivors and thrivers, not victims. The story chronicles the

author’s existence with her alcoholic mother, her codependent father, and her over-responsible

sister, as they move through their lives in the shadow of the bottle.  At age twenty-five, the 

author was sexually assaulted at gunpoint, and then was victimized once again by the

unconscionable treatment of the medical and law enforcement communities, and by her own

father who told her to forget the entire incident happened. She spent nearly two decades

married to a man who was never able to understand or provide empathy for what she had

been through. She eventually saw a therapist and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress

Disorder (PTSD). When she was twenty-eight, hurting, and despondent, Corrigan discovered

God and His plan for her life, which allowed her to forgive her parents–and most of all, herself.

She ended her marriage and began her journey from pain to healing. She got married to “the

right man,” one who treats her well and wants her to be whole and happy. The author shares

her journey to encourage others and to show that no matter what happened in your past, it

does not have to determine your present and future.






Perils of a Polynesian Percussionist

This fast-moving, hilarious novel is based on real-life adventures of the author during the years she spent playing drums for a polynesian revue. Reeling from the sudden, unexpected death of her beloved mare, Sesame, Todd Barlow decides it’s time to rethink staying on her father’s ranch after college to raise and train horses. She looks for—and finds—an escape by using her second talent, playing drums, to join the traveling Polynesian revue run by singer Sammy Kolomona. In a world opposite from everything she’s ever known, Todd discovers the ups and downs of life on the road with a band. The friends she makes—other musicians and “groupies”—help her understand her own strengths and challenges, and lead her to an acceptance of herself she may never have gained on the ranch. Join Todd’s wacky adventures with some colorful characters as she travels to clubs, show rooms, and casinos from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Lodi, California to Elko, Nevada and everywhere in between, proving that ohana—“family” in Hawaiian—can consist of folks other than blood relatives.

Click on the book to order!

Click on the book to order!

Saints With Slingshots:

Daily Devotions For The Slightly Tarnished

But Perpetually Forgiven Christian

From Istanbul to Edinburg, Rwanda to New Zealand, followers of Meg Blaine Corrigan’s 2015 blog have been in for a treat. Part devotional, part memoir, part commentary on life, Corrigan’s daily devotion topics range from gut-wrenchingly serious to laugh-out-loud funny. A few weeks into the year, Corrigan’s friends began asking her to put the blogs into print. Thus a book was born. New readers will be intrigued by her amusing titles and devotions that are grounded in reality. A great read for those in need of a spiritual lift, and a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone we hold dear.

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Meg turns a tragic story into a captivating page-turner.  She is a beautiful writer, with an amazing command of the English language and the ability to draw the reader into her story without making it sad and depressing.  Author Tammy Laurent, Shakopee, MN


Meg is an incredible person to share such personal issues with the world.  I commend her and look forward to purchasing her next book.

Kalei Enstad, Owner, Kaleiokapilialoha Hula Halau (School), Brooklyn Park, MN


No one has ever spoken to the juvenile offenders at our center about sexual assault like Meg did. Matthew Holt, Normile Juvenile Justice Center, Kirksville, MO

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